I am really excited about being part of this program, and assisting in the process of  preserving history.


The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists

December 2010

The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen) has recently announced a new cemetery grant program called “Whispers from the Dust”, to help fund cemeteries who want to preserve and modernize their databases and maps, and make them freely available online.

Imagine making a “virtual” visit to a cemetery with an online map that identifies each grave individually.  Imagine clicking on that grave and viewing birth, death, spouse, marriage, and military information along with a headstone photo.  Now, imagine zooming out and identifying everyone buried in adjacent graves. Integrated mapping and data will help solve genealogical puzzles that could not be solved with mere headstone transcriptions.  Off-site backup of digital records safeguard them for future generations. Online maps and databases are updated with one click of a sexton’s mouse.

This exciting and innovative technology is all part of the “Whispers from the Dust” cemetery grant program.

For more information please visit http://www.icapgen.org


Dayna Jacobs

Chair, “Whispers from the Dust”





I have been taking photos of gravestones from Ogden City Cemetery now for awhile. I love how organized their data is online. And even though you can tell there are some stones that surely have seen better days, the peaceful atmosphere and tall pine trees add beauty to these old unique stones. The other day while walking around taking requested photos for Findagrave.com, a squirrel ran past and under a bush. As he ran under the bush something caught my eye. It was a headstone of a woman born in 1861- died in 1952. This got my curiosity up, because there are other stones under this huge bush. So I came home last night and noticed that she wasnt listed on Findagrave.com and that she was listed on the Ogden City Cemetery link. I added her to findagrave.com, and will dig a little more for information on her. All I have found for her as of now is that she is the Daughter of  Charles and Sine Simpson McKinley, born on 10/27/1861 and passed on 3/20/1952.

Tracing our Roots

Pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce, Turkey, laughter filling the kitchen as Grandma and Mom would share stories of family. It was never long after the deserts and Rum balls were being made that someone would bring out the photos, the notebooks of family history to share with us little ones. Passing along family memories of love ones long gone.


Sharing our roots was something that had always been a holiday tradition in our home for generations.  To me it was something that was as natural as walking, never did I ever consider something so fun to be a career.  In the past year since my dear Grandma’s passing, I have been verifying information, receiving photos from my Aunt, and had a few mysteries that popped up here and there.  Then I realized, this had gone from being a hobby to me becoming a genealogist. No longer was this just a past time hobby for me, but that I wanted to help others with their genealogy.

I have become  more involved in Findagrave.com, Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, and want to become Accredited Genealogist.  This has been  fun on all levels, helping others, and meeting other people.  It wasn’t the stressful paralegal setting, or business setting I was accustomed to.  I love it and am excited to not only expand on Tracing our Roots,  but helping others discover their heritage.

My journey through genealogy started at a very young age.  Both my mother and Grandma were very much into our family history. They would share stories, photos, and any supporting evidence that they could find. We’d visit loved ones that had long passed, and taught us kids the importance of preserving history, photos, any bit of our life was important. While I was working on preserving our families genealogy, photos, stories and recipes; I realized how much I not only enjoyed working on our family, but loved helping others preserve their family roots. I now volunteer through RAOGK.org, Findagrave.com, and am a technology resource volunteer for Whispers from the Dust-a non profit organization focused on preserving cemeteries and their records. The purpose of my page is to not only share our family history with family, but to assist others in their quest to discover their roots.